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Software Rules.

We design, develop, manage and maintain business software applications. We specialize in developing custom software solutions not available off-the-shelf to fit your requirements to a T. And we’re really good at it!

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​An award-winning worldwide education platform

Where everyone can create, publish, share and take tests, exercises and assignments.

Everyone is a student for a time period in one's life. As a student, we practise exercises, do coursework and sit for exams. This applies to all students worldwide, regardless of the syllabus. We aim to democratize education by advocating community-generated content and assessment for every conceivable syllabus worldwide.

Access our breadth of exercises and test papers for free! You can search by title, subject, grade, school and/or country, so finding exactly what you need to practise on is easy.


Out-crowd your business with reliable, professional email.

Whether you're running a small business on the rise or a large organization, people you communicate with expect professional and reliable communications. With CrayeonMail, you get an e-mail solution that suits businesses big and small. You can start off with ONE email address, and then add as many as you need, as and when you need them!

Plus, it gives you management control over those addresses and other useful tools like a calendar for scheduling meetings and appointments.

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