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Out-crowd your business with reliable, professional email.

Whether you're running a small business on the rise or a large organization, people you communicate with expect professional and reliable communications. With CrayeonMail, you get an e-mail solution that suits businesses big and small. You can start off with ONE email address, and then add as many as you need, as and when you need them!

Plus, it gives you management control over those addresses and other useful tools like a calendar for scheduling meetings and appointments.

CrayeonMail gives you:

  • A Full-featured Email Solution

  • Customized email addresses based on your own domain name

  • Access to mail via your web browser or your favorite POP email client, like Microsoft Outlook

  • 200MB of storage per mailbox and the ability to send 10 MB attachments

  • The option to add more addresses as needed

  • A "catch-all" mailbox feature that allows messages that are misaddressed or misspelled (e.g., bob@ instead of to be received rather than bounced

  • Administrative and Scheduling Tools

  • A full-featured calendar, a bonus tool you can use to create a group calendar that facilitates scheduling meetings with your team

  • Industry-leading Security and Spam Protection

  • An advanced spam filter that detects and blocks e-mail that are considered as spam

  • Email security that automatically scans and cleans email attachments to protect your computer from viruses

  • Address blocking and filtering to automatically sort incoming messages into designated folders or just block out unsolicited email

  • No ads on your mailbox screen or in messages you send

  • An easy-to-use control panel to manage your mailbox

  • Download e-mail from multiple external e-mail accounts from within your mailbox

Contact us and find how CrayeonMail can benefit your company.

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